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South Ward Team Leader

Newark, South Ward
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description
In partnership with the Newark Downtown District, the South Ward is now seeking applicants for a
position as Team Leader. The Team Leader position provides street level supervision and is
considered a “working supervisor.” In the absence of the local account Program Manager, the Team
Leader serves as the primary supervisor on their respective shift. They provide consistent street
level contact for all Safety Hospitality Ambassadors and reports to the local account Program
The Team Leader has similar duties as the Safety Hospitality Ambassador, such as assisting various
agencies in communicating unwanted behavior and activity related to quality of life infractions. They
report observations and activities to local law enforcement and interact with social service agencies
and organizations. They are required to interact with and provide assistance with those in need, to
include homeless individuals.
At the direction of the Streetplus local account program manager, the Team Leader is required to
assist with other duties as necessary.

Provide visible presence, while wearing the authorized uniform, within the boundaries of the District
and within their assigned Zone with the primary emphasis to deter unwanted behavior.
Conduct visibility patrols within assigned Zone and within the boundaries of the District. These
patrols are completed by walking, riding a bicycle, Segway or driving a vehicle.
Provide hospitality services by interacting with pedestrians in a polite and professional manner,
offering assistance, information and directions.
Identify, report and correct conditions that adversely impact the District and those that work, live and
visit the District.

Record the time, location and nature of activities that are unusual, suspicious or illegal and report to
appropriate agency and supervisor or manager.
Have knowledge of local ordinances related to quality of life, to include public intoxication, public
urination, open container, loitering, trespassing, panhandling and other similar incidents adversely
affecting the District.

Interact with homeless persons and educate them on available resources.
At the beginning of the shift, share the daily work plan to ensure employees fully understand what
needs to be accomplished during the shift.
Make Zone and work assignments.

Conduct uniform and personal appearance inspections of all employees.
Review the workweek schedule and special assignments requiring attention or a change in the
Ensure equipment has been inspected and required checklists completed prior to the equipment
being used.
Deliver training in accordance with corporate policy and local requirements.
Check work assignments to ensure employees have completed work in such a manner to exceed
customer and Streetplus expectations.

Ensure all employees have necessary equipment, supplies and information to perform their duties.
Create goodwill by making daily contacts with business owners, business managers, stakeholders
and others associated with the program.
Pick up trash, such as newspapers, bottles, cans and other small debris and notify the supervisor or
manager of spills and large debris or areas needing attention.
Other duties, as assigned by the supervisor or manager.

Operate equipment, to include bicycle, Segway or vehicle.
Lift 25 pounds of trash or other material and dump into trash can or bed of truck.
Work outdoors and effectively carry out duties in extreme heat or cold conditions with variations in
Sit, stand, and walk for extended period of time and walk several miles during a shift, usually eight
See at near and far distances; corrective lenses acceptable
Read, write, speak and understand the English language
Follow instructions and retain information
Speak clearly and communicate effectively
Exercise self-control when dealing with distraught, disturbed, disabled, irate, and intoxicated
Make sound decisions and use good judgment.
Handle stressful situations in a reasonable manner.
Remain alert and vigilant to detect and respond to situations, as necessary.

At least 18 years of age
Possess valid state identification card
Valid state driver’s license, if required to operate company vehicle
High school diploma or GED certificate
Record free of felony convictions and patterns of misdemeanors
Record free of domestic violence, theft, and drug related offenses

Must provide place of residence (addresses, to include county) for the past seven years. Streetplus
will conduct a thorough pre-employment background check that includes the following:
Previous employment and reference checks
Comprehensive Criminal Search (includes social security number verification and sex offender)
County Criminal Search

Motor Vehicle Report
I-9 Compliance (includes E-Verify)
Drug Screen (10 panel)
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $16.50 per hour

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