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The Captain’s Corner

This event has ended

Good Day South Warders (07108/07112/07114),

I hope this message finds you well.  Beginning tomorrow, April 23rd, 5th Precinct Commander Captain Rasheen Peppers will hosts “The Captain’s Corner”.  Learn more about it in the email below.  (The area is split, so some of 07108 and 07114 are in other Precinct areas.)

The Captains Corner is an event where the Commander of the 5th Precinct occupies a challenging location to provide services needed for community members. There will be food, music, and games for the community. 

There will be four dates and locations for this event:

  1. April 23, 2021 7am – 3pm (Clinton Ave / Seymour Ave)
  2. May 07, 2021 7am – 3pm  (Location Pending)
  3. May 21, 2021 7am – 3pm  (Location Pending)
  4. June 04, 2021 7am – 3pm  (Location Pending)

Andréa L. Mason

Newark People’s Assembly

Office of the Mayor- Mayor Ras J. Baraka

920 Broad Street ·Room 315·Newark · NJ·07102
973-733-3265 (o)     973-803-6373 (c)