Help Keep our Community Safe!

Help Keep our Community Safe!
Everyone can contribute to a safer South Ward community. Simple steps can help protect property and people. That includes car thefts and auto break ins.

The Newark Police Department has shared the following safety tips to help prevent auto thefts and break ins:

  • Keep valuables in your vehicle hidden from plain view to deter thefts; even loose change can make your vehicle a target
  • Never leave your car unlocked
  • Do not leave your vehicle running unattended, even with the doors locked, even for a few minutes to complete a short errand
  • Install a remote starter so you can cool down (or warm up) your car without unlocking its doors
  • Do not leave a spare key in or near your vehicle
  • Install a vehicle tracking device to find your car in the event of a theft
  • Activate an audible alarm system
Help the South Ward SID keep our community clean, safe and welcoming, and make our ward the ward of choice in the City of Newark to live, to work, to invest, to access healthcare!

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